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Farmer dating site australia

These days, the little hardware store drill has been retired, superseded by modern, donated equipment.

Since 2012, Cambodian's International University has run a masters degree in oral and maxillofacial surgery.

Dr Nous shows off a small cordless drill that he bought in the post-Khmer Rouge days from Phnom Penh's Russian Market to use in the operating theatre. "It's good, it [has] a chargeable battery and you put the bit in and then you can drill to the bone, make a hole and fit the screw and we can fix the patient," he said with a smile, obviously having shocked foreigners with this story before.Cambodia's few specialised surgeons are desperately understaffed.The medical ranks are still recovering from the madness of the Khmer Rouge years.He hoped that the doctors could "heal" him, but had little idea how his face might look after the surgery.After his consultation, Mr Eng went to visit his brother in the next room, recovering after having a similar but smaller growth removed in the Phnom Penh hospital.

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"In Australia they cared for me so well," Mr Eng said.

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