Mustadrak al hakim online dating

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Mustadrak al hakim online dating

Al-Bukhari is a famous hadith selector and recorder died in the year 256 H.DAWUD (Suleiman Ibn Al-Ash-ath Ibn Shaddad known as Abu-Dawud) Sunan Abu Dawud (Recorded hadiths of the Prophet) one of the Six Authentic Books of the recorded hadiths published by Mustafa Al-Babi Al-Halabi in Egypt 1952 A. Abu-Dawud is a well-known hadith selector and recorder died in the year 275 H.FAIRUZABADI (Sayed Murtadha Al-Fairuzabadi) Fadha-il Al-Khamsah Min Al-Ssihah Al-Sittah (Virtues of the Five recorded in the Six Authentics) third printing by Al-Alami Institute of Printing Beirut 1973 A. Al-Fairu- zabadi is a contemporary theologian hadith selector and recorder.HADID (Izzul-Deen known as Ibn Abu Al-Hadid) Sharh Nahiul-Balaghah (Commentaries on the Path of Eloquence of the collected words of the Imam ‘Ali a widely read book. HAKIM (Muhammad Ibn Abdullah Al-Nissaboori known as Al-Hakim) Al-Mustadrak Ala Al-Ssahihain (What the two Sahihs of Al-Bukhari and Muslim overlooked of hadiths).BIRR (Yousuf Ibn Abdul-Birr) Al-Istee-ab Fi Maarifat Al-Ass-hab (The Comprehensive knowledge about the companions of the Prophet).A known book of Islamic history published by Al-Fajjala Printing Cairo 1970 A. Ibn Abdul-Birr is a known historian died in the year 463 H.BUKHARI (Muhammad Ibn Ismail Al-Bukhari) Sahih Al-Bukhari (The Authentic of Al-Bukhari) one of the Six Authentic Books of the recorded hadith (a hadith is a reported statement or action or silent approval of the Prophet Muhammad).The book was published by Muhammad ‘Ali Subh in Al-Azhar Cairo.

HISHAM (Abdul-Malik Ibn Hisham) Al-Seerah Al-Nabaweyah (Biography of the Prophet) published by Mustafa Al-Babi Al-Halabi Egypt 1955 A. Ibn Hisham is a well-known Islamic historian died in 218 H. Taha Hussein) Al-Fitnat Al-Kubra (The Big Faith-Testing Crisis) published by Dar Al-Maarif Egypt 1953 A. Taha Hussein is a contemporary scholar and historian.Al-Muttaqi is a well-known hadith collector and recorder lived in the Eleventh Century H.NISAYBURI (Al-Hassan Ibn Ahmad Al-Nisayburi) Ghara-ibul Quran (Commentaries on the Holy Qur'an) printed on the margin of Jami-ul-Bayan by Al-Tabari (another commentaries by Al-Tabari) by Al-Matba-ab Al- Meimaneyah Egypt 1321 H.Sayed Muhsin is a well-known contemporary theologian and historian.MUSLIM (Ibn Al-Hajjaj Al Qusheiri) Sahih Muslim (The Authentic of Muslim).

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Clarification: The dates which are mentioned in this bibliography are based on the Islamic Calendar which started by the departure of the Prophet Muhammad from Mecca to Medina.

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