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Online sex lovers de dating sites

The clitoris is bigger than most people realize, with wings reaching down into the sides of the pubic mound.

Rubbing the palm of your hand against the vulva can be more intensely pleasurable than just trying to trace the alphabet with your tongue.

Taking time to explore, kiss and arouse instead of rushing to the “main event” will have her seeing fireworks far more than grabbing her hips and saying “get ready for it.” But while we’re talking about foreplay…

Let’s get back to the dick-oriented nature of porn.

It’s akin to coming to a race with a massive head-start; guys are half-way to crossing the finish line before women have even gotten to the starting blocks. A great lover recognizes that a woman has far more erogenous zones than her nipples and takes advantage of them.

horny, they’re more likely to rush towards penetration while their partners are still getting warmed up. The right kiss (or nibble) at the junction of neck and shoulder can drive women crazy.

At the same time however, more oral and hands means using them the right way. Attacking a woman’s clit with your tongue like you’re trying to pull off a hyper-combo in Oral sex and hands are vital, but it’s really easy to end up being far more intense than women enjoy.

It’s also important to recognize there’s more to her vagina than just the clitoral head and the g-spot.There’s more to good sex – or bad sex, for that matter – than just technique. Good sex quickly becomes mediocre sex if you’re doing the same things over and over again.Think back to the honeymoon period when you first get together with your sweetie.That is, instead of desire preceding action – “I’m horny, therefore I’m going to I’m going to start kissing and touching you” – sensual and sexual contact is what the desire.So not only are men more likely to get hit with the “boner out of nowhere” version of horniness, they’re also much quicker to peak… So while men and women take approximately the same amount of time to reach peak arousal and orgasm, men tend to start the process before women do.

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As a result: guys get off and leave their partners waiting to get some quality time with the showerhead. Finger tips at the crook of the elbow or down the sides of her hips can make her shudder in the best ways.

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