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i like both characters they are acting is so good and amazing.baek dong soo doesn't give up his friend and yeo un protects them all the time but they can't see him.On the way, Kim Kwang-Taek is ambushed by assassins.Kim Kwang-Taek hides the baby Dong-Soo, before battling the assassins. A man named Hwang Jin-Gi finds baby Dong-Soo in the mountain.

yoo seungho did a great job, he's only 17years in this drama but he acts better than most actors in korea, and his character is my favorite one :p choi min soo is an actor that i really respect, he's the best haha and he's so funny in running man :) other cast was great too :) and writer, director and staff too :) this is the best drama i've watched first i watched the ending to know how is it, but after i saw it i was really sad that un died and also i've known that un dies i've watched it from the beginning i can't stop to watch this drama.

By the age of 12, Dong-Soo's health has become poor. Yeo Woon's mom is killed, while trying to protect Yeo Woon.

12 years later, Yeo Cho-Sang raises Yeo Woon, but without love. One day, he is picked by Chun and trained by the group "Hoksa Chorong".

But I do prefer Dong Soo's relationship with Jin Ju. But remembering this was made in 2011, I think it is already better the dramas made before. SPOILER ALERT Although in the end Dong Soo was the one who became the hero and got all the glory, but I believe Yeo Woon is the REAL HERO of the story. Moreover, the Dong Soo x Ji Seon pairing looked too forced to me.

I skipped watching K-dramas for about 9 years, I noticed the pacing has gotten much better these days. Audience expects better and know a filler when they see one. Woon was always helping out the others in the shadows and not getting any credit. The villain Dae Joo was caught, and Woon played a big part in trapping Dae Joo. In the end, he sacrificed his life so as to keep everyone safe (believing Cho Rip's nonsensical "reasonings" I suppose. It would have been better if Dong Soo had ended up with Jin Joo instead, and Ji Seon with Woon. Anyway my rating for this drama is jeng jeng jeng.. In terms of positives, the protagonists are generally likeable and it's an interesting storyline. especially for Yoo Seung-Ho and Ji Chang-Wook Can't wait for Yoo Seung-Ho to be discharged from the military to see more of his dramas :) Any drama including either Ji Chang-Wook or Yoo Seung-Ho, has the chance of having great ratings.

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Hwang Jin-Gi notices the cottage name inscribed in the baby's clothing and takes him back to the cottage where the baby was born.