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We spent days playing it with different guitars and pedals, not able to decide whether we liked it or not. It sure sounded nice with a Tubescreamer which removes both the upper treble and lower bass, and this is also how Stevie achieved his tone. We wanted to play this amp without a Tubescreamer and achieve a decent cranked tone.We finally decided to continue the path that team Linda Ronstadt had started, enhancing this amp to our needs.You’ll need schematics to implement some of these mods. We usually start with explaining a mod from a functional perspective where we relate to components in the logical schematics diagram.Finally we point out location of components in the physical layout diagram. Let us talk about one of our own gig amps; the “Linda Ronstadt amp”.

It has found its way in to more recording studios, clubs and bars than any other Fender amp. It is just powerful enough to cut through in practise in a band with a drummer and, unlike some bigger amps, it will reach its sweet spot at a reasonable volume.We also replaced the GZ34 recitifier tube with 5U4GB and re-adjusted the 6L6-bias to 33-35m A.The 5U4GB removes the instant attack that we struggled with and introduces more sag and compression.Collectors hunt the blackface models and players hunt the silverface for it’s quality and price.The push/pull volume boost was installed in 1977 by CBS.

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If you are using your amp at home or in recording situations we think you’ll be very hapy with a stock DR, and maybe you even want your Deluxe Reverb to break up earlier sometimes.