Updating fields in word

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Updating fields in word

particularly it won't show you in Alt mode (to show shortcut keys).

(you can use Word 2003 shortcut, but how can you find what that is?

Doing so takes a bit of practice, so don't be discouraged if you find this process a bit awkward at first: You can also enter the field code (the text) first, select it, and press Ctrl F9 to enclose the text in field braces. Note: Don't try to enter a field by typing brace characters from the keyboard; it won't work.You'll use this toggling feature when you're inserting complex fields, and it's great for debugging.You can also print the fields for documentation purposes.plenty of empty space on that property sheet already. Wait till you get to Home tab, Styles group, flyout if you want to manage the style.Have you try to tell the user how to do all these over the phone?

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other than the blogs praising how much work they did on it) shown.